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Discover the beauty of Bonsai with our authentic Japanese seed collection. Each packet contains premium quality seeds that demonstrate the wonderful diversity of native Japanese tree species from flowering to evergreen. Bring a touch of the Far East to your home or garden and start your journey today.

This collection of japanese bonsai seeds include Japanese Barberry, Black Pine, Cedar, Cypress, Elm, Maple, Privet and Quince.

*Each type comes with an electronic growing guide with sowing instructions*

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Discover the beauty and art of Bonsai

We are offering you a discount on eight different types of seeds, to get you started on your Bonsai journey. Get your hands dirty and begin growing your dream Bonsai trees to add some beautiful green space to your home. This japanese bonsai seeds collection is perfect for Bonsai beginners and enthusiasts.

Bonsai trees add a calm presence to a home or could feature as a centrepiece for an urban garden. The trees are the perfect size for an ever-growing urban city. It’s so important to have green spaces inside your home and a Bonsai is the perfect way to do this.

– The Japanese Barberry is a beautiful shrub giving you a variety of eye-catching colours year-round. The tree even grows red berries that are great for small birds to enjoy in winter. This aesthetically pleasing bonsai has been grown in Europe since the 19th century and is one of the most colourful trees available. The ever-changing look will keep you in season all year.

– A very popular bonsai, the Japanese Black Pine are relatively easy to grow and can tolerate cold temperatures making them ideal for the UK. One of the most attractive features of this species is the greyish bark with irregular fissured plates, giving a textured age, along with dark green needles.


– The Japanese Cedar is a fast growing tree that is great for anyone looking to get into Bonsai, which grows in an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical and uniform way. The reddish-brown bark creates an classic, old look as though it’s been plucked from a forest. This species has been cultivated as Bonsai trees for centuries.

– The Japanese Cypress, also known as the Hinoki Cypress, is one of the most popular specimens due to it’s fantastic ornamental qualities. They are easy to grow and are ideal for beginners as they are hard to kill. The scale-like leaves are dark green and form flat fanning fronds. The bark is reddish brown and peels in strips.

– It isn’t just the leaves of the Japanese Elm that are colourful, but also the bark as the tree matures. The flowers produced have an appealing light fragrance that can be enjoyed in winter. Very popular and ideal for Bonsai, the small size of their leaves and many appealing characteristics are excellent for beginners looking to create a broom style Bonsai.

– The Japanese Maple is a graceful, elegant tree with delicate leaves which is often the centrepiece of a garden, showcasing different colours year-round. The autumnal colours are truly magnificent with very attractive yellow, orange and red hues.


– The Japanese Privet is layered with simple, leathery, glossy green leaves and showy clusters of white flowers in late Summer. This is followed by small, black fruits in Autumn, giving a variety of looks year-round. The tree is ideal for a wide range of temperate climates and despite its tropical appearance, is hardy to quite severe freezes.

– The Japanese Quince, also known as the Flowering Quince, gives you a stunning floral display with a mixture of leave, flowers and fruits. The alluring red petals makes the tree stand out as a feature of any room. They are prized for its large colourful blooms and elegant shapes.

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