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Grow your own Baobab Tree bonsai with these seeds. An easy to grow tree that is perfect for Bonsai beginners, and one of the World’s most unique and iconic shaped trees. The tree can live for thousands of years and has trunk that can grow up to 46 feet wide.

A popular bonsai, the Baobab tree is probably the best known African tree and develops a naturally thick trunk. A great unique and distinctive bonsai look that suits the unusual and quirky house.

Includes a free Baobab Tree Bonsai Growing Guide.

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The Baobab Tree, also known as the Monkey Bread Tree, Dead Rat Tree and Upside Down Tree, is native to AFrica’s hot dry Savannah and can also be found in Madagascar and Australia. The three can reach 82ft tall in nature with the trunk impressively growing up to 46ft wide.

The trunk retains an impressive amount of water, more than 1,000 gallons has been extracted from a single tree before. When the tree has lost all its leaves in winter, the branches look like roots; it looks like it was planted upside down, hence its nickname (Upside Down Tree). In March, when the temperature increases, the leaves will reappear.

  • Packet includes 10 seeds and an electronic Baobab Tree Bonsai Growing Guide

63 reviews for Baobab Tree Seeds

Based on 63 reviews
  1. Alvan Parker

    Arrived in timely manner. All seeds dropped to the bottom of glass of water, yea, viable. They are soaking to prepare for filling down to white speck. Expect good, hardy bonsai Baobab trees.

  2. Olivia

  3. Jacqueline

    Fab instructions on how to grow

  4. Max

    Michael is such a nice dude! This was a very good experience, I even got my seeds upgraded to priority shipping, and actually got 11 seeds instead of 10, which was a very pleasant surprise. This company is very responsive and the pricing is really good too. I soaked my seeds in hot water to scarify them and then promptly put them in wet paper towl im a propagation box. One of them is already showing its radical and sprouting! And its only been 2 days?!?!!!! Im quite pleased 🙂 Thank you Michael and Yugen, yall rock

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