Bonsai Information


Discover the origins, history and evolution of the beautiful artform and skill of Bonsai.

Learn what Bonsai is and understand the differences from trees that you can find in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions - The common questions that you might be wanting the answers to.

Debunking the Seeds Floating Test Testing the viability of your seeds by seeing if they float in water is inaccurate and unreliable.

Beware of fake seed sellers claiming to have SUPER RARE Bonsai seeds with bright, fluorescent colours.

Mistakes to Avoid - Read about all of the common mistakes that beginners can avoid when starting Bonsai.


Visit our shop to browse our selection of classic Bonsai seeds, tools, pots and sets to begin your journey. Take up the therapeutic hobby of Bonsai and experience the many benefits of honing this skill, all whilst adding a beautiful piece of nature to your home.

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