Unfortunately there are many sellers claiming to sell “SUPER RARE” Bonsai seeds. They tend to be fluorescent, bright colours that look appealing but are simply not real.

These seeds are not only mislabelled, but you don’t really know what seeds you will receive which could be harmful to your health or the plant life in your home.

General Rule of Thumb

If the tree does not exist in nature…

It is impossible to exist as a Bonsai…

Poor Photo Editing

Fake seeds often feature photos of real versions of the Bonsai tree but with edited colours. Look out for other parts of the photo which have similar colours to the edited leaves that do not belong.

"RARE" in the title

The term “RARE” in product titles boosts the appearance in search results and attract more buyers. Search for the type of seeds advertised on a search engine to find what the tree actually looks like. If you cannot find anything similar, this is an indication that the seeds are fake.


Does the shop sell lots of different things that are not Bonsai or even garden related? Ask yourself, why would a DIY store or an electrical store be selling rare seeds? 

Report Suspected Fake Seeds

Join the movement against fake online seed sellers! Let us know if you have found some seeds that you suspect to be fake. We can review this and report the fake listings to the relevant sites.

Let us check for you...

Are you skeptical about some seeds that you have found online? Use our free online service where we can check for you to see if they are fake. Simply enter the details below and we will get back to you via email.

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Cold Stratification

The very important process of breaking the dormancy of your seeds to prepare them for germination.

Discover the origins, history and evolution of the beautiful artform and skill of Bonsai.

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