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Bring the beauty of nature into your home or garden, this collection has the most popular evergreen species. Evergreens are known for their hardiness and ability to thrive in a range of climates which makes them perfect for both beginners and experts. Get started on your own little evergreen forest and enjoy the beauty of evergreens for years to come, no matter the season.

This collection of evergreen bonsai seeds include Blue Spruce, Boxwood, English Holly, Giant Sequoia, Korean Fir, Mountain Pine, Western Hemlock, White Spruce.

*Each type comes with an electronic growing guide with sowing instructions*

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Discover the beauty and art of Bonsai

We are offering you a discount on eight different types of seeds, to get you started on your Bonsai journey. Get your hands dirty and begin growing your dream Bonsai trees to add some beautiful green space to your home. This evergreen bonsai seeds collection is perfect for Bonsai beginners and enthusiasts.

Bonsai trees add a calm presence to a home or could feature as a centrepiece for an urban garden. The trees are the perfect size for an ever-growing urban city. It’s so important to have green spaces inside your home and a Bonsai is the perfect way to do this.

– A strong looking tree, the Blue Spruce displays colours that can vary from dark green through all shades of blue-green to powder white blue. A very popular choice for Bonsai, but is also a popular Christmas tree in several parts of the World. The tree will suit any home all year-round, but you can add some decorations in the festive season.

– A very popular bonsai, the Common Boxwood is extremely well-suited for Bonsai cultivation and can be designed into multiple styles. The natural form is easy to twist and shape into the stunning living statue from your dreams.


– The English Holly is not just beautiful to look at, but can attract wildlife such as birds and bees to your garden if kept outside. An elegant and colourful tree that grows dark green leaves with spiny edges when young. The small white flowers are followed by bright red fruits in Winter, making an excellent decorative Bonsai for the festive period.

– The Giant Sequoia is said to be one of the largest living organisms on the planet, however their impressive stature is just as remarkable as a Bonsai. Even the young trees are attractive with their symmetrical, conical crown. A very fast growing tree and is ideal for beginners growing from seed. The thick bark gives a mature-look and develops the perfect foliage for an upright, forest aesthetic.

– A very popular Bonsai, the Korean Fir has an abundance of growth even in younger trees. A naturally beautiful tree that is sometimes used as an alternative to Christmas trees and produces gorgeous blue cones that sit atop the stems.

– The Mountain Pine is very tough and able to withstand harsh conditions, taking extreme weather and temperatures in its stride without a change to its beautiful colours or the loss of any needles. An ideal species for an urban environment with a tolerance for air pollution. The foliage produces appealing colours in bloom with eye-catching purple flowers with even a slight hue to the bark in younger trees.


– The White Spruce is a great tree for cool temperate climates and develops an impressive conical form with a narrow crown. The needles are blue-green with lines of white dots on all sides, giving it the unique appearance stunning foliage with light tints as if part of a snowy landscape.

– The Western Hemlock is a very fast growing, graceful evergreen tree and an excellent choice if you are looking to begin your Bonsai journey right away. The scaly bark gives an aged appearance giving you that classic Bonsai feel. They are typically tall, graceful trees with spreading branches that droop downwards at the tips creating a cascading effect.

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