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Grow your own Japanese Maple Bonsai tree with these seeds. A graceful, elegant tree with delicate leaves which can be pared beautifully with a ceramic pot. Japanese Maples can be the centrepiece of your garden, showcasing different colours year-round.

The Japanese Maple is well-known and popular for its very attractive yellow, orange and red autumn colours. These seeds produce a classic bonsai look which will fit into any garden beautifully.

Includes a free Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree Growing Guide.

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Japanese Maples are native to Japan with close links to species in China and Korea. Literally translated, Acer is “maple” and Palmatum “hand”, for the five-lobed leaves bearing a resemblance to the human hand. These trees are a popular bonsai in Japan and the Western world and can grow from 15 – 25 feet.

Japanese Maples have slender, arching branches which support an open canopy of delicate lobed leaves. The leaves on new shoots vary from yellow to orange-ish to red, with autumn colours equally as bright. Small yellowish flowers develop in late spring to early summer. The bark of young trees is green, red in some varieties, turning to a light grey or brown as the tree matures.

  • Packet includes 30 seeds and an electronic Japanese Maple Bonsai Growing Guide

132 reviews for Japanese Maple Seeds

Based on 132 reviews

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Image #1 from Jack A.
Image #1 from Jack A.

Jack A.

Just received the items today!! I’m so happy and can’t wait to plant those seed. Good service. Satisfied! 🇲🇾

Image #1 from Jack A.
  1. Very happy with my purchases. Thank you very much. Packaging is very nice and the qr code instruction/information page is super easy to use. I’m yet to plant the seeds but I have them all in the fridge currently for stratification and I’m sure they will do well. Thanks again and thanks for the fast shipping.

  2. I received the bonsai seeds in the packaging shown in the online store and I received excellent customer service from Yugen Bonsai. Yugen Bonsai was very helpful with the shipping process.

  3. Not yet sow the seeds.

  4. Great service. Would highly recommend

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