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Grow your own Japanese Barberry Bonsai tree with these seeds. A beautiful shrub grown miniature giving you a variety of eye-catching colours year-round. The tree even grows red berries that are great for small birds to enjoy in winter.

This aesthetically pleasing bonsai has been grown in Europe since the 19th century and is one of the most colourful trees available. The ever-changing look will keep you in season all year.

Includes a free Japanese Barberry Bonsai Tree Growing Guide.

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The tree grows dense, rounded leaves up to 3cm long which change colour year-round. Ranging from bluish-green to glossy red in autumn. The stems and leaves can be sharp so be careful when pruning.
Remain cautious as the red berries can be harmful to humans, however are edible for small birds.

  • Packet includes 30 seeds and an electronic Japanese Barberry Bonsai Growing Guide

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  1. Lisa

    The seeds and instructions arrived. The seeds look awesome. I can’t wait to begin the germination to plant and watch them grow. I can’t wait for pretty flowers and wire them as they show how they want to go. Thanks so much. Even with Christmas mail that we both believed they would take for ever they were only two days later then you had on your page for shipping. So no problem there. Thanks got both types I ordered. Will let you know how I make out lol.ty again Lisa

  2. Lorraine Daws

    More seeds for Christmas for my husband, he will be delighted when he sees how many bonzai he can grow with all the seeds I’ve purchased for him. I know he will be delighted

  3. Graeme A.

  4. Salem Hasseni

    My purchase from Yugen Bonsai is my best online buying experience ever. Let me tell you the story. I bought seeds of six different plants from the store. After two weeks or so, the seeds reached Tunisia, and I received an invite from the post office. I thought I was going to take them, but once I got there, the officer informed me that I wouldn’t be able to take the order because of a regulation prohibiting importing seeds. I had two options, the first was to destroy them, and the second was to send them back to where they came from. I went for the second. I then contacted the Yugen Bonsai team to ask if they could ship them to another country where I have someone to pick them up and then bring them. They were happy to do so and sent me new seeds even before receiving the old ones. They did not even charge me for the second shipment.
    1- Yugen Bonsai is a very professional team. They trust their customers, and you should trust them too.
    2- Check your country regulations before making an order.

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