Novice Bonsai Starter Kit Bundle

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Embark on the enchanting world of bonsai cultivation with our Novice Bonsai Tree Starter Kit Bundle. This carefully curated package is a gateway for beginners and an exquisite gift for those eager to nurture their green thumbs. At the heart of this bundle is our Bonsai Tree Starter Kit, which allows you to choose from five different tree varieties. This personalised touch ensures that you begin your bonsai journey with a tree that resonates with your unique aesthetic and care preferences.

– Complete bonsai tree growing kit of your choice
– Roll of adonised-aluminium training wire
– Pair of starter pruning scissors

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Make Your Own Bonsai Experience

Our award-winning Bonsai Growing Kits are a high quality all-in-one set to get your loved one started in growing their dream Bonsai tree. They include everything you need to get started including biodegradable pots, soil, propagations bags, etc. We have broken down the intimidating barriers to this wonderful world with detailed growing guides and instructions. The art of Bonsai is an experience to be enjoyed by all.

Bonsai trees add a calm presence to a home or could feature as a centrepiece for an urban garden. The trees are the perfect size for an ever-growing urban city. It’s so important to have green spaces inside your home and a Bonsai is the perfect way to do this.

To sculpt your bonsai masterpiece, the bundle includes a roll of training wire, an essential tool for shaping and guiding the growth of your miniature tree. Additionally, a pair of starter pruning scissors is included, designed to be user-friendly for those just starting out. Whether you’re creating your oasis of tranquility or presenting a thoughtful gift to a friend, the Novice Bonsai Tree Starter Kit Bundle is a harmonious blend of essentials, setting you on the path to cultivating your own serene slice of nature.

Which seeds should I pick?

There is no correct answer to this question! It all depends on your preferences, whether it is a colourful deciduous tree or a majestic evergreen. We have put some information together to give you the opportunity to pick the best one for you.

Embark on a personalised bonsai journey by selecting the perfect seed variety that resonates with your vision. Each tree possesses its own unique charm, characteristics, and aesthetic appeal. They are a symbol of patience, dedication, and inner peace. Choose wisely and watch as your selected seed transforms into a miniature masterpiece under your care and creativity.

Blue Spruce

Genus: Picea Pungens

Type: Evergreen

Colours: Blue-green to powder white blue

This tree creates a dense, broad, conical crown and distinctly blue-green, rigid, needle-like foliage. The bark is thin and gray, with narrow vertical furrows, developing a natural old look.

Chinese Elm

Genus: Ulmus Parvifloria

Type: Deciduous

Colours: Green

Sometimes referred to as being almost impossible to kill, the tree produces small, leathery, glossy green leaves which last well into winter and, in mild areas, may persist until new growth appears in early spring.

Japanese Cedar

Genus: Cryptomeria Japonica

Type: Evergreen

Colours: Green, turning bronze in winter

A fast growing tree that is great for anyone looking to get into Bonsai, which grows in an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical and uniform way. Ideal for cultivation thanks to the small size of the needles.

Acer Palmatum bonsai tree

Japanese Maple

Genus: Acer Palmatum

Type: Deciduous

Colours: Green foliage in summer, rich red and russet shades in spring & autumn

They have slender, arching branches which support an open canopy of delicate lobed leaves. The foliage is well-known and popular for its very attractive yellow, orange and red autumn colours. Small yellowish flowers develop in late spring to early summer.

Japanese Quince

Genus: Chaenomeles Japonica

Type: Deciduous

Colours: Green, with red flowers and yellow fruit

This tree gives you a stunning floral display with a mixture of leave, flowers and fruits. The alluring red petals makes the tree stand out as a feature of any room.

From Tiny Seed to Majestic Bonsai: A Journey Worth Taking

From Tiny Seed to Majestic Bonsai: A Journey Worth Taking

Read our article on the pros and cons of growing a bonsai tree from seed – freedom to shape, unique varieties, and a lifelong bond.

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