The Little Book of Bonsai


The Little Book of Bonsai celebrates the secret world of growing and owning bonsai. These majestic, miniature trees are easy-to-grow when you know how and force you to connect more with your plants. Now available to buy as a kit, bonsai are an easy gift and have become a covetable collectable, among the new generation of plant enthusiasts.

Reaching a popularity that rivals succulents, bonsai are putting down roots as long-lived and easy-care house plants. They aren’t just fun to grow but bonsai care is a Japanese art in itself. They have many different needs and this book will show you how to grow and care for your collection of bonsai, including tips on which plants to grow alongside your bonsai to add colour and texture. Covering over 50 of the most popular species and their friends, the fine art of pruning and common problems you might experience; learn the secrets to success and grow your own collection.

The Little Book of Bonsai is a stylish, fun and gifty package, making it the perfect companion for anyone looking to embark on the latest house plant craze.

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Little Book of Bonsai




160 Pages


167 x 187 x 22 (mm)



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ISBN-10: 1787136477


ISBN-13: 978-1787136472

Our Recommendation

A beautifully presented book with clear and concise guidance for growing a Bonsai. This is the perfect choice as a gift for a minimalist and will fit perfectly on the coffee table. The majority of the book covers species which are not the most common, but are certainly unique and create magnificent trees. A nice choice for a beginner or enthusiast looking to explore less common species.


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