Essential Bonsai Tool Bundle



Grab a discount with this bundle of specialist essential Bonsai tools to maintain and care for your mature tree. The bundle includes a pair of pruning scissors, knob cutters, concave cutters and root cutters. Suitable for mature trees.

Proper equipment is very important for the training and care of Bonsai trees. You must be able to execute accurate cuts on the trees, with a special profile and clean, even edges. A selection of excellent tools made from high quality, durable high-carbon steel. These are essential for beginners and enthusiasts looking to add to their Bonsai tool collection and properly care for their tree.

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Bonsai Tool Set Bundle

Prune and trim your Bonsai root system to maintain the tree’s health and help with repotting with these heavy duty Root Cutters. Suitable for most Bonsai trees with roots up to 15mm thick.

    • Length: 200mm

Prune, shape and style your Bonsai just the way you want it with these heavy duty Pruning Scissors. This tool is for perfect for Bonsai beginners looking to get more hands on and creating your dream design.

    • Length: 200mm
    • Blade: 50mm

Precisely remove large branches at the trunk of your tree with these high-quality Bonsai Concave Cutters. The concave cut left behind fills over itself in time leaving little to no scar, with the new cambium forming.

    • Length: 205mm

Carefully prune branches or the trunk with these high-quality Bonsai Knob Cutters, leaving an almost spherical cut on the branch thereby allowing it to heal flush with the surface. This tool can be used to whittle away at konbs too large to prune in one cut, and for initial rough shaping of jins and deadwood.

    • Length: 210mm


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