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Grow your own Banyan Fig Bonsai tree with these seeds. A tree that can easily stay indoors throughout the year and is perfect for the colder climates. The horizontal branches form roots that reach down to the ground creating a forest of their own. A great tree to add some character to your home.

A popular bonsai amongst beginners, the Banyan Fig is a resilient tree that will respond to severe reduction and hard pruning. It is also very forgiving since it can bounce back to good health after inconsistent care, growing mistakes, and poor growing conditions.

Includes a free Banyan Fig Bonsai Tree Growing Guide.

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The Banyan Fig is native to India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Banyans make magnificent bonsai trees, but can also reach 100 feet tall in nature. This species has ovate, dark green leaves similar to the Ficus Benjamina, however, these are glossier and larger.

This is a ficus species best suited for people who are new to growing bonsai. Growing up, the Banyan produces aerial roots suspended from the horizontal branches, which form real roots when they touch the ground. The extent of these roots can create a forest on their own. The young leaves are tan-brown and hairy, becoming shiny and retaining only a few hairs when ripe.

  • Packet includes 30 seeds and an electronic Banyan Fig Bonsai Growing Guide

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    El mejor lugar para comprar semillas, mis semillas anteriores de pino germinaron en una tasa muy alta

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    Love this store. Got what I ordered in a timely fashion and I was provided with the information and support I needed.

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